​Temporary protection for displaced persons from Ukraine

On 4 March 2022, the European Council established that there is a mass influx of displaced persons fleeing Ukraine in need of temporary protection within the meaning of Directive 2001/55/EC. Following the Council implementing dec​ision 2022/382, EU Member States have enacted legislative measures to activate temporary protection at the national level and provide immediate support. Information is gathered by the Information and Analysis Sector through desk research based on publicly-available sources. The information is validated by the IDS Advisory Group. Kindly note that for the Temporary Protection section, the validation is still pending for Bulgaria, Iceland and Malta.​


 Temporary protection overview

​​​The data visualisation presents the implementation of temporary protection in EU+ countries. Hover over a country and “click for more” to view the following information for each country:
  • ​Information tools (websites, leaflets,  helplines, information points)
  • National legal framework
  • Persons to whom temporary protection applies
  • Overall stru​cture
  • Procedural steps (registration, issuance of residence permit)
  • Reception and accommodation
  • Rights (access to the labour market, medical care, education, social welfare, assistance to persons with special needs under temporary protection)

Due to the rapidly-changing situation, please also consult the original sources. ​